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piazza Bra

25 per person

 Meeting time: 04.00 pm

Meeting point:

(Equestrian statue of Vittorio Emanuele II)

Are you for the first time in Verona and want to know as much as possible of the city in the time available? Or are you a Veronese who feel that they do not know much about the place where they have always lived? Taking part in one of our guided tours of the historic centre of Verona is just what you need. With a couple of hours of guided tours, accompanied by our tour guides, in a fun and exciting way, you will discover everything you need to know about one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in the world: its history, art, legends and mysteries.

Themes and Monuments

Arena di Verona, Castelvecchio, Scala family monumental tombs, via Sottoriva, piazza Erbe, piazza dei Signori, piazza Bra, il fiume Adige, ponte Pietra, il Duomo, colle San Pietro and much more, illustrated with passion and competence by our tourist guides. Legends about the construction of the Amphitheatre, the fights of the gladiators, the Scala family and the presence of Dante, the legend of Romeo and Juliet with the houses of Montagues and Capulets. And then again the mystery of the whale rib, the riddle of Verona, the mouths of the lions. You will be amazed by the beauty, the charm and depth of the history of the city of Verona.

Payment Policies
Prepayment / Cancellation
Allowed Cancellation: Yes
Time allowed to free: Day of arrival (6 pm)
Term & Condition
No refund for cancellation with less than 24 hours from the date and time of the tour.

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