Romeo and Juliet, the true story

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Verona is the city of Juliet and Romeo, everyone knows this, but how much actually the city is linked to the famous legend, and what is real in it, are less known things. For example, many believe that the events told are exclusively the result of the imagination of William Shakespeare, and in Verona everything is reduced to just the courtyard of the so-called house of Juliet with the picturesque balcony and the statue to touch.
In reality, the events told in the famous legend are interwoven with facts and historical figures of medieval Verona, and there are many places in the historic center of Verona linked to the story, and that can be the subject of an exciting guided tour

In addition to Juliet’s house, one of the most visited attractions in Italy by tourists and lovers from all over the world, the places of legend in the historic center of Verona are numerous.
So, walking through the streets and alleys of the ancient city, you can meet the house of Romeo, the ancient home of the Montecchi, or the monastery that preserves the tomb of Juliet, a mysterious sarcophagus empty and without inscriptions found thanks to a real investigative action. And then there are the walls mentioned by Romeo when he left for exile, the residence and tomb of Bartolomeo I della Scala, lord of Verona at the time of the events narrated, or the place of the dramatic duel between Romeo and Tebalt, or the statue of Dante, who spent seven years in Verona, and that in the Divine Comedy mentions “Montecchi and Cappelletti” in his invective against the fights between Guelphs and Ghibellines opposed families and bloodied Italy between 1200 and 1300.

William Shakespeare was a copycat

The story of Romeo and Juliet is not only an extraordinary love story, but also one of the most sensational plagiarism in the history of universal literature. Shakespeare made it famous, but the plot, as we know it, spans more than a century and at least three different authors before arriving in Elizabethan England.

Our guided tours to discover the true story of Juliet and Romeo are not only a journey through the streets of Verona, but through the work of authors such as Masuccio Salernitano, Matteo Bandello and especially Luigi da Porto, who with his daring personal events has, more than anyone else, helped shape the plot and characters. All this sixty years before Shakespeare!

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